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"Promising to their slogan 'We drive with confidence, we maneuver with success!!' It is no doubt they have the confidence and a tremendous team who dedicate time, patience and service with a smile. Alfabet Data Solutions we thank you!!"

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Alfabet Data Solutions is your pit-stop, as we will drive your company to greater heights with our services. Our data base and contacts are authentic and we have built over 36 million contacts with permissions, to address a wide spectrum of industries.

Email lists
It is not always easy finding the right target. Here we will provide you with quality email lists. We can even custom build a list to suit your exact target, giving you positive results.

C-Level Executives
V-Level Executives
D-Level Executives
Marketing Directors and Executives
Industry Professionals and Specialists

Email Appending
Our data specialists will append your mailing lists ensuring quality. We will match your data and add to your incomplete database by providing you with key elements like email addresses, postal addresses, phone numbers, zip codes and much more.

Email Campaigns and reporting
These campaigns are effective, it will boost your products as well as create your brand awareness. It is a great way to capture the market and keep them informed of your products and services. This is where we come in, to provide expertise in delivering your email to the customerís mailbox and track your campaign with reporting tools.

Benefits of Email Campaigns:-

Cost Effective
Increase Your Sales Conversion
Generate Repeat Sales
Faster response
Up-sell and Cross-sell Products
Gain Valuable Feedback from your Visitors

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